- Veteran game creator and Krome co-founder John Passfield mentioned his Passfield Games blog in a recent GSW comment, and now I note that it's revealed a neat thing: "In collaboration with 3DRealms we've released Halloween Harry/Alien Carnage as freeware today!"

As Passfield explains: "Halloween Harry, the tough as nails marine from Alien Carnage, is 22 years old this year. He was the star of a game I wrote on the Australian Microbee computer system and released commercially in 1985. I was still in high school at the time and was super excited to have sold my second computer game (the first was called "Chilly Willy", a clone of the classic arcade game, Pengo)."

He also follows up with a post called 'Halloween Harry/Alien Carnage - what might have been!', explaining: "Of course there was a direct sequel called Zombie Wars released in 1996, but before that we kicked around a number of other ideas for games to put Harry in. Often times we mocked up prototypes to test out ideas - from Sidewinder Sally (a Harry spin off) to Halloween Harry: Undead (a 3D multi-player game) to the potentially very cool Lunch Break Commandos", which was "...designed as a "casual" game you could play during your lunch break", way back when. Early casual game idea alert!