- Aha, what do we spy here? "Game Tunnel has just published the May Independent Video Game round-up, its 35th monthly panel reviewing what is new in indie games." This is rather awesome news, we fear.

The Game Tunnel-ers continue: "The 10 games in this month's article include an incredibly edible castle, an insane lighthouse, a monkey named Darwin, and a "hyperkinetic rabbity thing" named Max." And this time, the Game Of The Month is not a Sam & Max title, rather Chocolate Castle, the Lexaloffle-created PC indie puzzle title that we've previously covered on GameSetWatch.

In fact, Caspian Prince positively raves of the title: "Lexaloffle has a wonderful unique style in the indie game world today - a kind of raw 16-bit retro with no anti-aliasing which really works and brings back memories of times when gameplay reigned supreme. In Chocolate Castle we've got a slickly presented puzzle game polished to a sparkling shine ... and what's this! It's totally original! At least as far as I know." I also get the warm fuzzies over Lexaloffle's unique stylings, so congrats to him for winning out this time round.