- Poking around on GameSpy, which I think is somewhat neglected by the blogosphere nowadays, I spotted that there's a regularly updated columns section which doesn't get noticed or linked to that often, despite having some good content enjoyed by GameSpy regulars. Anyhow, here's the column-specific RSS for those wanting to keep an eye on it - and there's actually some fun stuff in here.

Looks like the 'GameSpy North' office in the Bay Area has been getting some new personnel of late, with journalists hired from Ziff Davis and Future, among other outlets - though there are still GameSpy edit folks working in the Southern California offices, of course - a recent 'What We're Playing' column reveals that ex-G4-er Li Kuo and veteran Sal "Sluggo" Accardo are still hanging in there, for example. Listing some of the intriguing columns randomly:

- After OPM closed down, Thierry 'Scooter' Nguyen hopped across to GameSpy, and has a regular column, 'First Person Scooter', which I'm finding pretty entertaining. In one of the recent instalments, he admits, with a hangdog fanboy wink: "These days, while I still enjoy the likes of BioWare, Blizzard, Monolith and Valve, my tastes have gone a little more casual. To wit, I have a new favorite developer: PopCap Games."

- Andy Mahood has been running modding column Modify for a loong time (we're up to #42), and I believe I've linked to it once or twice in the past. Anyhow, it's still a good read, and the latest column takes a look at some of the mods that won a recent FilePlanet contest centered around F.E.A.R. - other columns span flight titles through FPSes to racing games and beyond.

- 'Dream Game' is a new column by former GamesRadar editor Gabe Graziani, and the latest one talks to the folks at Realtime Worlds and Crystal Dynamics about gameplay features and control tweaks to make the best-ever action game, like, ever. Oh, and along the way, he explains handily: "I don't think I'm going out on a limb when I state that every game would be better with either a grappling hook or a jet pack."

- Sure, the ol' 'play against the editors' thing is hardly new, but the 'Spy Hunter' columns write them up in a pretty fun way - with videos sometimes, to boot! The latest looks at Halo 3 Beta carnage, and includes the longest 'disclaimer' sentence evah: "Possible reasons for bootage include but are not limited to: an inordinate amount of swearing or other forms of epithets relating to sexual orientation or mental disability (if you can't make it through a match without dropping an f-bomb or calling someone an r-tard, mute your mic), unsportsmanlike conduct (gloating or otherwise insulting other players - especially team-killing in games that allow that sort of thing) and anything that might generally make you come off as a jackass." Bravo!