- So audio columnist for Game Developer magazine, LucasArts staff composer/music supervisor Jesse Harlin, is asking the public at large about game sound for his August 2007 column, and he needs you to fill in a poll on that very subject.

Questions asked include asking us plebs whether: "I have played a game where the sound effects were absolutely necessary in order to complete the game", and indeed: "For Xbox and Xbox 360 users: I have used the Xbox's Custom Soundtrack feature to put my own music into a game." Looks like you can see the current results, too - and they're pretty interesting thus far. So go ahead and vote some more, dear GSW readers.

[Also, if you want to know more about Harlin, he's got an entry in the Wookieepedia, I just found out, which reveals, among other things: "For Republic Commando, Harlin created the Star Wars language 'Ancient Mandalorian,' which later became the basis for Karen Traviss's Mando'a." Oh, Star Wars.]