- The world of Japanese 'dojin' PC fan games is still pretty awesome, and in the maze of visual novels and shooters, there are also some pretty interesting 2D fighting games popping up from time to time. So here are a couple that I just noticed!

Firstly, Subatomic Brainfreeze has video of "the new doujin fighting game Big Bang Beat", and it's noted of the crazed title: "So far, so good. Imagine Guilty Gear on fast-forward with Hokuto no Ken's dash-canceling taken to a ridiculous extreme. This shit is absolutely spastic.. I've been playing training mode late into the night." Looks like SelectButton has a thread with more info, including a link to the trial version.

Also recently frontpaged on SelectButton is Akatsuki Blitzkampf [YouTube trailer link], which is "...a fighting game by independent Japanese group Subtle Style. Inspired mostly by old-school games such as the King of Fighters, Street Fighter and Samurai Shodown, Blitzkampf seems to be set in some sort of alternate reality that still features Nazi influence (possibly during WW2). It has a very distinctive style to it, and although the very nature of the subject matter is somewhat controversial, the game itself is worth looking into for its wealth of options and gameplay, among which are a 2 on 2 simultaneous battle mode, netplay, and what seems to be some sort of mode that involves a die."

[UPDATE: Aha, Subatomic Brainfreeze noticed my link and did a proper hands-on with Big Bang Beat, commenting: "The graphics are pretty nice, as you've seen. The resolution of the sprites is low, but the detail is excellent, and the game manages to look extremely flashy (YouTube link) regardless. The speed of play is really fast: maybe it's just because I've been playing so much Arcana [Heart], but this game is jarringly fast. It feels faster than even Guilty Gear."]