- You may recall that GSW is a bit of a pinball fan, so it was neat to see that distinctly retro gaming site RetroBlast! has spotted an extremely impressive pinball-themed full-arm tattoo, done by Darren Brass of the reality show Miami Ink for game developer Amy Gunson.

Gunson notes that the gigantic and rather stylish tattoo "...took two sessions and close to 9 hours to complete", and further comments that "...it's an homage to one of my first loves, pinball. I've moved across the Pacific five times and had to sell most of my pinball collection in the process. Now, I have something that I can take with me anywhere I go. It's bold and colorful and full of energy!"

Apparently, anyone working at EA Vancouver can admire the tattoo themselves, since Gunson works there as a technical artist - she further details: "The design was done by the fantastic tattoo artist, Darren Brass who used to play a little pinball himself, with Theatre of Magic being one that stands out in his mind. Those of you who play might recognize the ball locks from Big Bang Bar, rails galore, and the big bold color in the pop bumpers that look like they may have jumped out of a Charles Bell painting." Awesome-o.