- This one's all over the indie airwaves, but I'll pick where I happened to see it first, which is on Dessgeega's blog - as she explains: "Joakim Sandburg’s Chalk has the sensibility of a shooter and the spirit of a ds title: the game is mouse-controlled, and revolves around drawing lines with left clicks while navigating with right."

Over at The2Bears, they're also raving about the game, explaining further: "Gameplay revolves around moving your character (right mouse button moves you to the cursor or ‘WASD‘) while drawing lines of “chalk” on the screen. There are certain elements that are eliminated by drawing between their points (they might have 2, 3, or more). Other enemies are killed by drawing a point back from a purple bullet to them. There’s more, plus bonuses and bosses to fight."

Finally, TIGSource has a linked YouTube gameplay video inside its entry, which is handy if you want to see what it looks like without downloading, with commenter AdamAtomic noting: "The boss fights especially are totally friggin sweet. I agree, This game could live happily on the DS I think!" Quick, publishers that are reading - go snap it up?