- Kudos to Brian Crecente for sitting down with former 1UP staffer Luke Smith to talk about his transition to a media guy over at Bungie, creator of some game called Halo 3 - which you may have heard of.

I've chatted to Luke a bunch about his transition, and I think it totally makes sense for him, but it certainly does clash a little with some of his more idealistic concepts about the purity of game journalism. So here's where it gets interesting: "Instead Luke hopes he will be doing something that he thinks will bridge the gap between journalism and PR, something that cuts out the middle man and gets the information straight to the gamers."

Smith is quoted as saying: "You see these developers who can bridge the gap between fans and the development community... I think there is a really rich opportunity for someone to come in and tell the stories that people want to know. I think there is a very interesting potential shift about how people are going to cover and get information about games. Right now you have four bridges between developer and reader: Developer to pr, to journalist to reader. This could get rid of those middle two bridges."

The closest thing I can think of to this concept thus far has been Wagner James Au's New World Notes, which essentially was Au being paid by Linden Labs to be an 'embedded journalist' within Second Life itself - though I believe NWN is an independent entity now. And Second Life was a bit easier to be independent in because the users create and interact with the world, and the software is largely a 'shell'.

So what Smith is essentially saying is that developers are fairly 'pure', spin-wise, so he wants to come in there and facilitate the direct make-out session between developers and readers, without all that marketing-mandated 'buy this game now' nonsense. Is it possible? No idea, but it'll be fun to watch him try, and one would imagine that Bungie will have the quality games to make this type of thing 'easier', if it works that way?