- Some might says that there aren't nearly enough museums and cultural institutions doing game-related exhibitions right now - with the traveling Game On! exhibition being a notable exception.

But Helen Stuckey and compatriots at the Australian Center For The Moving Image (ACMI) in Melbourne, who previously mounted a great history of Melbourne House's output, are now going ahead and showing off a new exhibition, 'The Best Of The Independent Games Festival 2007'.

This is actually the third time that ACMI has put this on, and it's neat because the public can play titles like Aquaria and even Castle Crashers ahead of their public release, and also check out some of the most notable Student Showcase games such as the wacky Opera Slinger and brain-scrambling South Korean puzzler Rooms.

The free to attend exhibition, which is billed as 'A sensational selection of winners and nominees from the 'Sundance' festival for games', is open at ACMI from Wednesday, May 30th 2007 to Sunday, September 30th 2007. It's fully supported by the IGF (of which - disclaimer - I am Chairman!), and there's a private opening night reception on May 29th, with Mike Fegan, CEO of Heroes Of The Pacific creators IR Gurus Interactive, opening the show. Neat stuff - and if any other U.S. or foreign institutions want to put on an IGF show, then ping me.