- Many of you may be fans of Daniel Cook and his Lost Garden blog, so we're delighted to note that we've got him to write some features for Gamasutra, and the first, called 'The Circle of Life: An Analysis of the Game Product Lifecycle', is now online.

Cook starts by explaining: "In 1994, encyclopedic game site MobyGames lists that 20 graphic adventure games were released. By 2002, the number of titles had plummeted to 3. The halcyon days of the graphic adventure genre are now long past and many of its descendants are relegated to a niche status in the modern gaming market."

He continues: "This is all part of a much broader trend. Genres can be treated like product categories that evolve through a predictable series of life cycle stages. They rise in popularity and then decline. Along the way, both the needs of your users and the competitive dynamics of the market shift quite dramatically. Understanding the genre lifecycle trends can help you strategically position your game design for an improved shot at success." All this is well-supported with graphs, too - blimey!