- Blocking briefly from your memory the horrendous attempted pun in the title, you might be interested to know that the top titles from the 2nd Annual Toronto Indie Game Jam are now available for download on the official site, and include People's Choice Gold winner XIQ, recently mentioned on GSW, but a number of other neat titles.

Event co-organizer Rob Segal explains breathlessly to us: "TO Jam 2 was recently held in Toronto from May 4-6, 2007... Filled with the creative power known only to Torontonians (and its surrounding areas) 62 select few intrepid warriors ventured out into the depths of their minds and souls to achieve the pinnacle of game development greatness." And that would include People's Choice Silver winner Benny Hinn's Bible Blast For Cash, methinks.

In that title, which references the televangelist, you're exhorted to: "Touch believers for easy cash! Cause as much carnage for cash as you can before facing off with the devil! Don't let him take your money!" Woh boy. Other winners and entrants posted thus far, all freely downloadable, include Quiver, in which "...you feel like you're in a deep, dark forest battling zombies", and Trishade Aduro, a shooter with a same-color chaining mechanism. Keep up the experiments, guys.