- Oh, semantics! We just got a note from Alex of previously GSW-linked site Insomni.ac, and he explains to us: "I recently wrote a little piece on my website about why the word 'gameplay' is stupid and why I think we should all stop using it."

Not saying I agree, or disagree, or have even thought about it that much, but... heeere's Alex's controversial thesis: "By far the biggest problem with the word gameplay is that it's too all-encompassing to be of any use. When you say "this game has bad gameplay" you are not really giving me any more useful information than if you had simply said "this is a bad game". Besides, it seems that different people have different ideas of what gameplay is supposed to be -- there is nothing like a widely-accepted definition (check also: dictionaries). So the term has come to basically mean: "I cannot be troubled to specify what I like or don't like about this game"."

Conclusion? "In the end, sloppy use of words promotes sloppy thinking, and before you know it you are sprouting nonsense like "The most important part of a game is the gameplay". If this sentence doesn't sound dumb to you it's because you've been brainwashed from seeing it in print a billion times. For perspective, this is just as pointless as saying "The most important part of a movie is the moviewatch"."