- The second post from the Tale Of Tales blog I've linked recently, this one, from the creators of art-game-happening The Endless Forest, talks about a review of fl0w, ' Games journalists and The New Games', and it's... interesting.

The slightly controversial positioning, based around a Eurogamer review of the PS3 version: "It is quite clear that Flow is not a game like most. That its focus is not on gameplay as such but on a different kind of interactive experience, an experience that inspired its title. I’m happy that games websites report on products like this because I think they are extremely important for the future of the industry. But after reading the review, I’m starting to doubt whether games journalists should be the ones doing this job."

He continues: "It’s a bit like having sports commentators criticizing a fine art exhibition. Not that I want to make a big issue about Flow being art or something. But it does seem to be designed with different purposes and require a different attitude than that of a games journalist (or a gamer for that matter). Not necessarily so these kinds of games could get better scores. But because their scores might be better motivated. Now it seems too much like judging an opera performance based on the cut of the dress of the soprano. It might be an ugly dress, but that’s hardly the point." Thoughts?