- My esteemed co-worker and Austin GDC content manager Jane Pinckard has been posting quite a bit to her Game Girl Advance blog recently, and in addition to Jane's posts about heels and Guitar Hero II for X360 (yay!) and an interesting post on gender-balanced work environments.

In addition to her posts, GameGirlAdvance co-conspirator Steve Bowler just put up something interesting about unlockable content which I think is well worth discussing.

Bowler notes: "My buddy Jerry over at Penny-Arcade today discusses what I'm sure a lot of folks (myself included) get frustrated about: unlockable content. His concern is a real and valid one, and it's a tough road to hoe as a game developer. On one hand, the consumer deserves the whole product. They paid for it, they should get to play it. But on the other hand, if the player gets all the content up front, in many cases, this makes the game experience dull and unrewarding."

His conclusion? "Really, we play unlockable content every day, in every game. It's the nature of gaming. You can't fight the boss without first making it through the waves of grunts; you can't level up without first acquiring the experience points to do so; you can't just jump to the end of the game without playing the levels in order; you can't play the encore without first rocking the crowd. When unlocking content is done right, we love it, and hardly even notice it. But when it's done wrong...hooo boy. Hell hath no fury like a gamer's scorn." Thoughts?