- Venerable university newspaper The Harvard Crimson recently posted an article about the expansion of game studies and societies at Harvard, explaining: "The newly-formed Harvard Interactive Media Group (HIMG) is trying to spur a new way for undergrads to connect to each other, largely by connecting them to the [game] machines they love."

The most interesting thing about it, though, is the Harvard Interactive Media Group, which will publish a magazine called the Review, "...featuring articles by students, professors from Harvard and other universities, and prominent figures in the gaming industry and other relevant fields, the first issue is scheduled to appear in late April. With a projected circulation of about 5,000, the Review aims to bring interactive media to a wider audience. "

The contributor's list is pretty impressive, since it includes a lot of the more prominent gaming academics, from Henry Jenkins through Edward Castronova to Jim Gee, and even sneaks in the ineffable Peter Molyneux. Looking forward to getting a copy of this somehow (or maybe even extracting some bits, with their permission!), since print magazine manifestations of this kind of thinking are relatively rare. [Via The-Inbetween.]