- Michael over at MMOG Nation points out something interesting going on in SOE's MMO title Star Wars Galaxies - the opportunity for players to act as in-game demolition experts, thanks to an overproliferation of abandoned player housing.

It's explained: "If your account has been inactive since April 17, 2006, any of the following structures on your account will be CONDEMNED, marked as abandoned and demolished beginning June 5, 2007: Houses, Harvesters, Factories, Player Associations.... Starting on June 5, 2007, those structures that have not been reclaimed will be marked as abandoned."

So what? Well: "An abandoned structure will then be subject to demolition by your fellow citizens. Citizens will be rewarded for each structure demolished... For each successful destruction of an abandoned structure, you will recieve one reward point. Reward points are redeemable at the Luck Despot for cool in-game items that you can use to decorate your own structures."

Not sure if this is tragic or incredibly clever - likely a combination of the both - but Michael notes: "The obvious reason to do this is to clear out the worlds a bit in anticipation of a server merge... Player housing is (I imagine) one of the stickiest wickets to tackle when it comes to considering bringing SWG player together."