- Thanks to Alistair Wallis for passing on an entertaining Switch Gaming blog post, which is all about an intentionally terrible game, created in order to work out how to make games better/more accessible.

It's explained of the Greek university-made title: ""Game Over!" is the world's first (and hopefully only) universally inaccessible game. This practically means that it is a game that can be played by no one. But why was such a game created? Well, the goal of Game Over! is to be used as an educational tool for disseminating, understanding and consolidating game accessibility guidelines."

Here are some of the evil level setups - and really, the descriptions are enough for you to work out the insanity, although the game is downloadable for PC/Mac/Linux as well, yikes:

"Level 2. Piano Man
Gameplay: The player must use awkward key combinations to control the spaceship (e.g., Shift + L + Left Arrow to go left).
Guideline: Avoid simultaneous button pressing.

Level 5. Spell Check
Gameplay: The player has to type 'left' to move left, 'right' to move right and 'fire' to fire.
Guideline: Support alternative input techniques.

Level 11. Hakuna Matata
Gameplay: Information about how this level can be played is provided in Swahili.
Guideline: Use simple language and provide easy to understand instructions.

Level 21. Speechless
Gameplay: The player is asked to listen to "the voice" and fire when instructed to do so. If s/he doesn't, or if s/he does it any other time, s/he loses. Unfortunately, "the voice" cannot be heard.
Guideline: Provide closed captions for dialogue and sound effects."

As Switch Gaming notes: "There are 20 guidelines included, of which it would be wonderful to see mainstream developers take heed of. Even if it was only for them to include fully reconfigurable controls and wide difficulty options - that would at least be a start!"