- The only true journalism on the Internet belongs to the increasingly lunatic Zorg and friends at UK Resistance, for whom the PlayStation 3's European launch has been a mind-shattering experience that's turned the site into a boggling variation on faux-Sony bashing that's basically... Sony bashing!

Actually, I think this has led some people to get confused about the site's satirical origins (or at least, satirical mid-life crisis), so it's good to see an interview with Sumo Digital about Virtua Tennis 3 which is asking all the wrong questions in just the right way.

For example: "Why is it that some games are glitchy and rubbish on Xbox Live, but others are really smooth? Surely developers should all enable 'Really Smooth Mode' by default?" Or... "Isn't it sad what's happened to Sonic The Hedgehog recently?" Or especially: "Finally, can you say something controversial, so we can make it the headline and get loads of traffic from Digg? Say something like "PS3 isn't as good as Xbox 360" or "Wii is just a Gamecube with a rubbish controller"." Which Sumo refuses to do, the rotters.