- Now this is the kind of press release I appreciated, since it's headed: "Toribash adds virtual market for blood, body parts and user created content." Uh, what? Well: "The online fighting game Toribash now has a active virtual marketplace. The most popular items are custom head textures and the talented Photoshop artists creating them are already the richest members of the community."

We've previously covered the extreme oddness of IGF 2007 finalist Toribash, and this just about takes the cake: "If buying heads is not your thing perhaps some Vampire or Acid Blood from the blood shop is just what your Tori Fighter needs... The market place also has a Clan Story shop, first five stories are free and the merchant promise to tweak the stories until you are happy with them. Signatures, rotating heads, secret Toribash moves are other what to appears to be popular commodities."

What's more: "The ingame currency is called ToriCredits and are earned by winning matches or deposited using premium SMS." I notice the official Toribash community is getting pretty crowded now - '2765 Posts in 7403 Topics by 3376 Members' - so it's good to see an indie title take off online and get a good micro-community going. Here's a couple of new YouTube videos of uber-carnage, too.