- Over at MTV News, Stephen Totilo has been profiling GSW columnist and wacky NY guy Matt 'Fort90' Hawkins - or, more precisely, his ""best" worst-games list of all time."

You may have read this on Matthew's blog already, but the write-up makes it a tad more fun: "His inspiration? "I'm a big fan of wrestling managers who like pissing off the audience." You don't have to remember Captain Lou Albano or Brother Love to know what Hawkins means. Just check his list, which he presented two weeks ago at the I-CON science-fiction and fantasy festival in Stony Brook, New York. His 10 — well, 11, counting a two-way tie for first place — includes favorites "World of Warcraft," multiple "Grand Theft Auto" titles, the "Madden" series and even a "Final Fantasy" game. He wanted to get booed, at least by some."

Actually, this statement fully captures the nuances of Mr. Fort90's personality, as Harvey Pekar-esque as he ever is: "Hawkins never wanted to go after the easy topics. "There's a lot of games out there that I vehemently despise and hate, but they're popular. And I guess that's how it is for anything. Everybody knows 'that album sucks' or 'that book is horrible, but it is so popular that it drives me nuts,' and it lowers the bar for everyone." The games on his list aren't necessarily incompetently made, in his mind. They are worse: They are bad influences."