- I still feel like 1UP is the only one of the major consumer game sites which puts any personality into their features (a lot of 'Top X lists' rule the day elsewhere), and here's another one - James Mielke's new piece 'Thinking Outside The Chocobox', looking at the box cover for Square Enix's Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales.

Now, having said that, Square Enix's Patrick Cervantes does say some pretty obvious stuff: "Knowing that our target for this title would be much younger and less familiar with the iconic chocobo character, we needed to show more about the game that would appeal to the new "younger" users as well as longtime fans who are up to date with current trends."

But turns out obvious is probably right, in this case, and it's particularly interesting to see some alternate, rejected box designs on the second page of the article - it's pretty rare to see these. Mielke also makes the point that "...some of the actual in-game elements, like the adamantoise/cactuar race on the mountain, actually made it on the cover", which is actually good news for all - there's been a few too many cases recently of box covers being very dissonant from content - ahem, Ubisoft.