- Over at LJ, Kidfenris has a fun little post looking at the history of PS2 title The Red Star by box covers, seeing as the comic book-based shooter has been so hideously delayed. And it starts adorably: "I'm playing The Red Star demo. I still live in Ohio. And Acclaim is still in business."

Mr. Fenris continues: "It impresses me. I'm aware of the nicely illustrated and unsubtly allegorical comic on which it was based, but the game really sells me by marrying two old-fashioned gaming staples: shooting enemy soldiers and beating the crap out of legions of street punks.... A few weeks later, Acclaim goes under, and amid all the gloating of now-grown ‘80s children still bitter over Total Recall for the NES, some choose to mourn the fact that the company's gone to the grave with what might have been its best game in years."

But wait! The game lives again - maybe? Fenris notes: "I'm checking ebgames.com every month to see when The Red Star is coming out. And it’s always the next month. Always. But the new cover suggests that someone's doing something somewhere with regard to the game. Even if Makita's going to catch her death of cold." The latest, of course, is that the PS2 version of the title will come out in about 10 days. But apparently it's been like that for a good while anyhow. Doh. Good luck, The Red Star!