- Yesterday, we put up Matt Barton's awesome 'History Of The CRPG, Part III' on Gamasutra - 19,000 words of insanely knowledgable specifics on the PC RPG scene of the last 10 years, and we thank him profusely for it. Following on from there, the smart 'Tales Of The Rampant Coyote' blog has posted some handy analysis/perspective on the piece.

The, uhh, Coyote is particularly good when he looks at what this history means for the future of the genre, given that pure RPGs don't get the billing they used to: "I would hope that we're only at another dip in the road. With the amazing success of the Elder Scrolls series (and the somewhat more distant success of Diablo II still resonating years later), interest by publishers in RPGs remains high. But publishers, leery of the enormous expense of making RPGs compared to other games - seem to focus on cutting the wrong things to keep things on budget. Maybe not the wrong things from a short-term, "let's make this as profitable as possible" perspective. After all, we gamers are having fun - which is the whole point - and the games are making money. But I feel they are painting themselves into a corner in the long term."

So what now? "I think in some ways, we DO need to go backwards. I think there were a lot of possibilities suggested out by some of the games discussed in this series of articles that were only partially explored. Maybe it was because of the lack of technology to pull it off, or maybe it was just a running out of steam. But I see lots of uncharted territory out there to be explored." Do you think pure PC-style RPGs need a boost? And if so, how?