- The latest Media Coverage column over at GameDaily has Kyle Orland discussing how to become a game journalist, and he interviews a bunch of professionals about it, including Gamasutra Podcast producer Tom Kim - I appreciate well-crafted articles with multiple points of view like this.

Here's a couple of key paragraphs: "But there are always other outlets, right? Some think the explosion of games writing on the Internet and mainstream publications has made it easier than ever to break into the field these days. "There are a lot more outlets for videogame writers now," Wired's [Chris] Baker said. "There may be tons of competition to write for EGM and GameDaily, but your hometown newspaper may be open to pitches.""

An interesting quote from IGN's Peer Schneider, also - he thinks that breaking in to game journalism today is harder because games are "more than just the little brother of the movie biz. ... Even though the means of publishing things online have become more accessible thanks to video-sharing sites and blogs, it's tougher for a hopeful candidate to stand out as games and entertainment journalism are now much more in the public eye."