- Catching up with the fun at the Speed Demos Archive, there are all kinds of interesting new runs posted, but I'd particularly like to concentrate on the news page and this info: "Those unfamiliar with the remake of Resident Evil for the GameCube may not realise that it's possible to unlock an "invisible mode", where zombies and other enemies are not visible to the player." And somebody has speed run it? Blimey.

The page blurb is quite illuminating for the 1 hour, 36 minute run from David Stierle: "You will see a four-segmented Speed Run of Resident Evil: Remake on hard mode including "Invisible Enemy". It would be too boring to show you the same run only on hard mode, that's why I decided to run it additionally on Invisible Enemy. It makes the boss fights much harder; especially you don't have auto-aim. You get also less ammunition, less defence weapons and only two attacks of a zombie can kill you."

He continues: "There are only two very annoying situations in my run which could be done much better: * First situation: I have never done this mistake. While running upstairs where the two hunters are, the first one jumped in front of me and attacked me. Then the second hunter came and also attacked me. I got about four or five hits. Very annoying. * Second situation: The Underground where I... meet Liza. I missed the lever (very stupid for a "runner") and got hit about two-three times. Also very annoying." Still, I would have been lost after the first room with invisible foes.