- So, I know action figures aren't that relevant to video gaming - but when it's a totally cool mini-sculpture of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost from Shaun Of The Dead, and Frost has his 'I Got Wood' T-shirt on and PlayStation controller in his hand - come on!

Looks like NECA Online have just come out with this 2-pack figure set [detailed image clickable!] from the self-styled 'rom zom com', and as those who are a fan of Pegg and Frost's previous project Spaced may recall, there are quite a few video game references dotted around their output - though mainly zombie video games like Resident Evil, of course.

Wait, fun blurb awaits: "Where would you go for shelter in the middle of a zombie plague? The nearest police station? A shopping mall? Well, if you're anything like Shaun and Ed, the unlikely heroes of Shaun of the Dead, you'd brave hordes of zombies, a miserable stepdad, and a pissed off ex-girlfriend to make it to your favorite pub, The Winchester. This March, the Shaun of the Dead: Winchester Two-Pack from NECA hits stores. Featuring a brand-new sculpt of Shaun and the first-ever figure of Ed, this set is a must for every would-be zombie-slayer out there." YAY!