- Over at Gnome's Lair, the gnome himself has pointed out the neat, v.retro RGCD, a CD-based downloadable retro disc-magazine which "features tons of exquisite content covering everything from retro remakes, to game reviews, to emulators, to interviews, to excellent freeware games."

Gnome rambles endearingly: "I've always been quite of fond of diskmags, you know, and I've followed them from the dark but happy BBS ages all the way to modern offerings like the demoscene oriented Hugi and PAiN." And he's right - it's good to see a packaged standalone diskmag, incredibly anachronistic though it is. Oh, here's the download link, btw.

As the RGCD site notes: "Highlights of Issue #01 include in-depth developer interviews with the programmers behind the excellent Typhoon 2001 and Thrust Extreme (Thorsten Kuphaldt and Wiebo de Wit respectively), previews of Crownland and Sub Hunter (two awesome forthcoming 8-bit projects) and even an exclusive PC remake of an Atari ST classic. Every game featured in the magazine is also included archived on disc (along with any necessary emulation software), making RGCD your one-stop retro-gaming resource." All the games are legal, too - or as legal as clones (in some cases) get, I guess, but it's not commercial software, that's the point.