- The Escapist's weekly magazine of crazy clever chaos death is discussing 'religion and philosophy in games', and while that may sound like it's going to make your head hurt, it turns out that there a few interesting contributions.

Probably one of the funnest is 'Why Christian Games Are Doomed To Fail' by Lara Crigger, which shouts to the top: "So many contemporary Christian games are unintentional self-parodies. By embracing Evangelical culture so indulgently and completely, these games are nothing but interactive stereotypes."

The gnashing continues! "Take the above-mentioned Eternal Forces. Rock stars as the messengers of the Antichrist? A faux-Pope, decked out in snazzy Catholic cardinal robes, acting as the right-hand man of evil? You can't be serious. Anyone who willingly plays this cringe-inducing balderdash should rend her PC in shame. Worse, Eternal Forces is far from alone in its self-indulgence and supercilious attitude toward its "built-in" audience. Many Christian titles address their consumers as both simpletons and suckers: Because our game includes crucifixes, you'll overlook its contrived, outrageous plotlines." Good, if inflammatory piece.