- Matthew Wegner's Fun-Motion has updated with news of a brand new demo-scene impelled physics game for PC, called Sumotori Dreams [87kb ZIP download link], and which looks like lots of stumbly fun to me.

Wait, 87k? As explained: "Sumotori Dreams is a small demoscene game created by Peter Sotesz for the Breakpoint 2007 96k game competition (it took first). The premise is simple: two self-balancing physics rigs face off in a sumo ring. The first rig to fall over loses. The implementation is simple but satisfying, and is well supported by solid physics, decent lighting, and good camera work."

Wegner concludes of the free-to-download game: "Sumotori is awfully impressive - self-balancing bipeds are a very difficult domain, even in the scope of “serious” research. Granted, a video game can tweak the rules of physics where a physical robot cannot, but it’s still a great achievement. I’d love to see Peter keep tweaking the physics to massage the gameplay to a more advanced state, but even now Sumotori is a fun party game." The demo-scene wins again!