- A cute little post over at VH1 Game Break interviews Patton Oswalt about his role in Pixar's Ratatouille - and the stand-up comedian, geek, and 'King Of Queens' regular is quite a gamer.

To wit: "When we spoke, Oswalt expressed enthusiasm – to put it mildly – about gaming in general and several games in particular. In fact, he said he’d gotten rid of all his games for his own protection (he kept his PSP, though). “I can’t do anything if I have them around,” Oswalt told me. “Gears of War would take over my life. That hand-held footage? And if you have the controller that vibrates?” His eyes widened."

And wow, he can reference semi-obscure retro gaming legends: "I asked whether he had any fond memories of playing games as a kid. Did he ever! “I had the Atari 2600, and we used to play the Adventure game, the one by Warren Robinett. I remember when we found that hidden room! I thought I was Don DeLillo with the Kennedy assassination.”" DeLillo! Robinett! You rock, Oswalt.