- An update earlier this week from import superstars NCSX [whom we are financially unrelated to] brought all kinds of new Mario merchandise with it, from toys through cushions and beyond - all manufactured for the Japanese market only, of course, but grabbable on import.

I particularly like the cool (but largely sold out) cushions: "Banpresto continues their flood of Nintendo products with fluffy cushions inspired by New Super Mario Bros. A red-capped Mushroom, a toothy Goomba, and a Star Coin are featured in the collection. Each cushion measures 31cm or 12.20" in length and are approximately 2" thick. Sit on one and rest in comfort knowing that a familiar Mario icon supports your weighty girth with all of its might. Stack all three on top of each other and you'll have something that looks like an egg (star), tomato (mushroom), and hamburger (Goomba's the meat) sandwich."

Also fun/odd though, this puzzle: "Anyone who's played Super Monkey Ball will take to [Mario Bros:] Crystal Maze like a fish to water. By using the red joystick/lever located at the bottom of the game, players tilt the play board to move three metal marbles (one at a time) from the START area at the bottom of the board to the GOAL located at the upper left corner of the board. It's pretty challenging due to the convoluted and tight-spaced maze one has to maneuver through."