- At GamerDad, there's a particularly interesting article from Colleen Hannon entitled 'Mainstream Media and Videogame Studies', and subtitled: "Do Violent Videogames really make kids violent? Momgamer takes an in-depth look at how the media interprets the data."

Obviously this is a mother who's very knowledgable about the subject, but it's certainly an aggressive piece that charges the mainstream media with over-frequent hyperbole: "If you are a game-aware parent and you care about your kids see and hear, it's a real fight to get straight answers. And if you're in the industry yourself you get angry when they publish these things. Like when you're interviewed for an article then totally ignored for a sensationalist piece of crap that makes people think strangers and child predators can get to your child via their Nintendo DS in a public place."

A worthy conclusion: "Those think tanks, lawyers, doctors, and politicians are right about one thing. Our children's well-being is at stake. But we need the truth. We need real facts, and we need them now so we can have wise rules about media consumption in our homes. And along with that truth, this web of lies and ambitions cannot continue to drive our public policy."