- At the risk of linking sister site Gamasutra daily for the rest of existence, our friend Mr. Sheffield has an excellent in-depth interview with Jeff Minter posted today, quizzing the Llamasoft star on "the upcoming Space Giraffe for Xbox 360, his work ethic, his involvement with the ill-fated Nuon 'console', and his pet sheep."

One of the funniest things (and I think something I was partly responsible for helping disseminate, alongside Gary Whitta @ QT3), is the naming of Space Giraffe, his upcoming XBLA title: "Well, it just kind of stuck. It all came down to this one forum post, where there was just this one picture. I was working on this little creature, and at that stage it was just called "The Little Creature." I didn't have a name for it. Then I saw this one picture of a giraffe at a watering hole, and it looked just like my little creature standing at the side of the web."

Minter continues, loopily: "So I started this one thread in my forum called "The Space Giraffe," and posted that picture there. Within hours, all the gaming sites were reporting "Jeff Minter's new game: Space Giraffe!" At that point, why go back? Space Giraffe is memorable, and people remember it. It may be a silly name, but people remember it."