- We only just pointed out the full gallery for the I Am 8-Bit game art show in Los Angeles, but longtime GSW buddy Ryan has just posted footage of Mega Man 2600, a game made especially for the show, over on GameTrailers.com.

Comments are already semi-slavering for the bizarro Atari 2600 'tribute' version of the Capcom classic - with significant changed-up gameplay: "That's awesome. And it actually resembles Mega Man 1! I so want to try this out soon. I'm guessing you hold up for jumps and press the joystick button to shoot, right? Still cool."

Anyhow, I can't really find much other information on Mega Man 2600 - who programmed it? Is there going to be a homebrew release? Is there a webpage anywhere with more information on it? I look to you, kind GSW commenters, to find the answer.

[EDIT: The GameTrailers folks have passed on the name of the author, David Galloway, who also co-wrote recent Atari 2600 homebrew title BliP Football, described thusly: "Faithfully mimicked in appearance, audio and gameplay, BLiP Football recreates the experience of playing the original electronic football [released in 1977]."