- Got an email from the Logler.com folks noting that their first annual Casual Game Awards are now online, "...based on the Global Top 10 results for the first 52 weeks."

As they explain: "Every week starting from end of March 2006 we publish Casual Games Global Top 10 on Logler.com (more info about CGG Top 10 can be found here). Our weekly Top 10 is based on sales/popularity data from 16 major casual portals and shows what is hot in casual games space." So it's actually reasonably empirical - up to a degree! The overall winner (branded as 'Best', though it's presumably 'highest selling' too) is Cake Mania from Sandlot.

Particularly interesting, too, is an attempt to rank by game subgenre by number of games entering the Top 10: "1. match3... 2 - time management... 3 - hidden object and card & board... 4 - sim... 5 - shoot3 (aka marble popper)... 6 - adventure... 7 - object inlay (aka brain teaser) and word". Some of these are a bit 'cryptic', but it turns out that if you rank by # of weeks on the charts (much more sensible!), 'hidden object' games like Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects win out, followed by 'time management' Diner Dash-esque games like Cake Mania and sim games like Virtual Villagers. Fascinating stuff.