- One of the most affable, smart and helpful game developers we've been lucky enough to work with for Game Developer magazine and GDC is Noel Llopis, who runs the Games From Within blog and was most recently at High Moon Studios as a tech lead.

Anyhow, the latest Games From Within blog update reveals of the MechAssault and Darkwatch veteran: "Charles Nicholson and I decided to take the plunge and create our own game development company: Power of Two Games. So I finally get the chance to follow the dream I've had for a long time!" And there's a new Power Of Two Games website/blog so everyone can keep up with his new indie start.

The 'About' page explains: "We strongly believe that two passionate people in a garage (or closet) can make great games even in this day of multi-million game projects. So we put our money where our mouths are, quit our nice and secure jobs, and decided to embark in this crazy, wild ride." And the first entry is super cute: "Noel is all too proud of stealing (!!) his new monitor stand. Somewhere in the greater San Diego area, two children are lost, cold, and slowly starving because they don't have their Yellow Pages." Subscribe to their RSS and follow the ride!