- Having rectified some kind of odd RSS issue I had with TIGSource, I caught up with a few days of posts and discovered the release of Lexaloffle's new puzzle game Chocolate Castle beckoning me sweetly from afar.

As Derek Yu rhapsodizes: "Joseph White’s games are always brimming with charm and atmosphere, and Chocolate Castle is no exception! Really, as soon as you see that wonderful Lexaloffle logo, you know you are in good hands. Little details, like the windows in the castle that light up as you complete stages, and the way the chocolate gets munched up and leaves crumbs, make me feel like I’ve been stuffed into the warm belly of a Taun Taun after spending hours on the cold, frozen surface of Hoth."

He continues: "Like Zen Puzzle Garden, one of Joseph’s previous games, the gameplay is simple but the puzzles can be devious. I really love the mouse control… it makes playing a breeze. The object is to click and drag chocolate (and other obstacles) around so that your animals can eat them without leaving any chocolate left. Chocolate of the same type sticks together, making your task more difficult." Alistair Wallis previously interviewed Joseph White for GSW last year, if you want more info on the man behind the myth.