- Thanks to Tale Of Tales' Auriea Harvey for pointing out that there's a Flickr account which is posting all the official Katamari Damacy wallpapers that were available on the Namco Japan website at various points.

As is noted: "The Katamari wallpapers were taken from the official Namco Katamari Damacy website before it was taken down. I have/will posted the ENTIRE wallpaper collection (82 total) that was ever offered by Namco!" There's been 57 posted so far - some of my favorites include this almost folk art-esque entry, as well as a slightly surreal red carpet-pushing effort, and, uhm, Namco's office building (as seen on the Japanese cover of We Love Katamari) making another appearance.

Now, with Namco announcing Beautiful Katamari, a "...next-gen version for PS3 and Xbox 360 featuring online multiplayer modes and downloadable content expansions", will the series flow to new heights, or hang out as a bit of a pale pseudo-sequel, as the PSP version (the first without Keita Takahashi) did? We can only hope.