- I'm absolutely delighted to see Wired News' Chris Kohler make a post about an untrue Square Enix news story that's recently been splashed across a bunch of major blogs - from Joystiq to Destructoid and beyond, with a complete lack of fact-checking when passing on the report.

All together, now - 'Responsible game blogging does not absolve you from factchecking!' I don't care who you are: If you're paid to blog, and fresh news comes your way, you should go find the primary source to make sure the story is true before posting it. It's as simple as that.

As Kohler notes of the claims (of a major change in Square Enix's business model!): "First off, a cursory examination of Square Enix's Japanese web page reveals absolutely no news stories, site updates, press releases, or investor relations updates regarding a shift in platform strategy." And I also noticed that an earlier version of this same story made it to the front page of Digg, with only a limited amount of complaints from commenters.

Anyhow, I've been accused of anti-blog bias before, since I also have a bee in my bonnet about this type of thing, so I think I have to be quite clear here. The problem is people not doing their homework before posting a story - and would be true whether it was the case on Gamasutra, or GameSpot, or any outlet for news about games.

In other words, it's not a game blogger thing, or a game journalist thing - it's an information thing. Everyone makes mistakes - heck, I made one earlier today when trying to divine the company affiliation of a LJ poster - but some are more fundamental and in larger arenas than others. Now if you'll excuse me, you'll find me down the pub, in the corner with Kohler, scowling at the other patrons, quaffing snakebite and black, and grumbling to ourselves under our breath.