- Uhoh, word from that crazy guy James Kochalka again: "Everyday, I draw a diary comic strip and post it at AmericanElf.com. Just a little strip about something that I did that day. Today's strip is about using the Nintendo Wii to create little monster creatures."

Hey, so it is! Go to AmericanElf.com if you want more in the way of wacky sketchiness. And go check the Kochalka wayback machine by searching GameSetWatch for the various other game-related stuff he's been up to recently, including my favorite, a picture of Zelda eating Cool Ranch Doritos.

BTW, I'd just like to make a random plea to the artistic community out there - why isn't there one good, single website that sells paintings loosely or wholly based on video games? I know I Am 8-Bit is totally awesome, but you can only buy most of that stuff in a gallery once a year. I know I'd pay money for paintings of Zelda eating Cool Ranch Doritos. And I'm sure all of you agree. There, my Lazyweb request for the day.