- So, we previously covered that video game documentary King Of Kong was picked up at Slamdance by movie studios Picturehouse and New Line - and now we get a press release that: the film "...makes its NY Premiere in the Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival Program of the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival" later in April, and opens nationwide on August 17th.

Though I'm sure it won't get into all the big multiplexes, this'll definitely be the widest distributed video game documentary ever, since the HBO & New Line-co-founded Picturehouse, who now have a webpage for it, are the guys who released Guillermo Del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth in the States, among other movies. Here's how they pitch the movie in the press release: "It’s man against beast! Man against machine! And finally man against man; in this epic journey that pits two modern day gladiators against one another - in order to prove to themselves and to the hoards of world-wide believers that they are the ‘King of Kong!’"

"Picturehouse presents KING OF KONG, a new documentary directed by Seth Gordon, produced by Ed Cunningham, and featuring two of the most focused ‘athletes’ ever to be captured on film – the slick mega-star legend of the video game world, hot-sauce impresario Billy Mitchell; and the mild-mannered family-guy challenger to the crown, middle-school science teacher Steve Wiebe. These two, as well as all the other die-hard gamers vying to conquer the likes of Q*bert, Joust, Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, make KING OF KONG colorful, compelling, competitive entertainment."

The capper? "This is no wimpy spelling bee or wheelchair derby. There are no cutesy penguins here…Kong would crush them. This is rivalry, competition, enthusiasm and obsession brought to its most exemplary level!!" Our very own GSW Cinema Pixeldiso columnist Matt Hawkins will be attending the press screening of the movie at Tribeca, so we should have an early review of the doc for you pretty soon.