- Semi-via game metrics blog We Can Fix That With Data, we spotted the homepage of Orbus Gameworks, a newly founded game metrics analysis firm set up by Darius Kazemi and friends to help game developers make better design choices.

Anyhow, they have a blog featuring some neat visualizations of metrics info they're working on, most recently trying things out using Quake 3: "Green dots are health/armor pickups, blue dots are ammo, and red dots are weapons. The white lines you see represent frags: we draw a line starting at the position the killer was in, and ending where the victim was killed. And then we put a little triangle where the player died, so it makes a kind of wonky arrow."

There's also another newer visualization, and in this one, using a Java app to display the results: "We visualize 5-second windows of time during a deathmatch involving 7 bots on the map q3dm3. Within each window, we plot where a bot was when it fired a weapon. The point is color-coded by bot. If a bot successfully fragged another bot, we draw a line from the killer to the target, putting a big circle on the target. The circle is color-coded to the target bot’s color, and the line we draw is the color of the killer." Pretty neat stuff for game design purposes - also for fetching patterns.