- May be a bit behind the curve on this one, but I-Mockery has posted a full gallery from the newest I Am 8-Bit art show in Los Angeles, showcasing some of the neatest-looking video game-inspired art to grace gallery walls since, uhm, the last I Am 8-Bit show.

The intro explains: "I know a lot of people have been waiting to see the all of the amazing 80's video game inspired artwork from the 2007 "I Am 8-Bit" show at Gallery 1988. Well, for those of you who didn't get to attend the opening reception here in Los Angeles, you're in luck. We took over a hundred photos of the show so you can check out most of the classic game creations that were on display."

However, it warns: "You'll have to excuse the odd angles we had to take the photos at sometimes... it was insanely crowded in there and we weren't about to shove people out of the way just to get a perfectly centered photo."

Actually, most stuff is well shot, and, in discussing this with a friend over IM, we agree that this year's show is basically 'more of the same', but pretty darn GOOD 'more of the same' that we'd be highly tempted to buy to hang on our wall, in most cases - though there's a bit too much Mario and Pac-Man, in general.

[Oh, and the official site notes that game company sponsors include Capcom and Foundation 9 (plus CMP's PR agency of record 47 Communications!), so thanks for supporting great art, youz guyzes.]