- Here's what you need to know - firstly, sister site Gamasutra posted 'Hudson's Revenge - Looking Forward With The House That Bonk Built' on Monday, likely the most detailed interview on Hudson Entertainment in quite some time, thanks to editor Brandon Sheffield's notorious knowledge of Bomberman's buddies.

One particular highlight in the interview, thanks to Hudson's John Greiner: "[The hardware division] in Japan was located in a building that we created out in Hokkaido's more rural area. It was a very cool building that they did and had a train that ran though it - a train that you could actually sit on and ride. And there was a station in the building... And I saw, many times, very big executives from NEC, to Nintendo, to all the bigwigs out on this tiny little train riding, going round in circles, in and out of the building."

Anyhow, the not emo (despite what they say) Brandon just posted on Insert Credit with a triumphant follow-up: "Assembler uploaded a little video that shows the Hudson miniature train in action. If you didn't read the interview I linked [previously], that thing actually uses coal! The video stars the Pink Bomber (though that's Kabuki from Tengai Makyou that you see in the image), who has her own oldschool-catchy music video here." This is just multiple layers of awesome, really.