- Somewhat obscure indie blog Too Normal, which is run by Puffbomb creator Mike Kasprzak, has a nice post on 'simplification' as a movement for video game.

He explains in an intro: "I think [simplicity is] an important direction and discussion for game design. Sure, as a gamer, I can handle complicated control schemes. I’ve done my time and held my own in hotkey crazy RTS’s, twitch FPS’s, and I can be pretty menacing in Tony Hawk. But most of these games aren’t getting any easier. I don’t even care to finish Tony Hawk’s Project 8, or the Underground games, because the things you need to do at the end are ridiculous."

Continuing: "It’s almost like the game industry hard-on for 3D graphics and difficulty is starting to calm its ass down. Actually, what happened instead was the polar opposite distinctly emerged. Casual games. Short, easy games you can play for hours, if they so compel you... The Wii happened too. The secret theoretical solution to FPS’s on the console." These are good points, elegantly phrased - accessibility is key to the future of the game biz.