- Thanks to Gus Mastrapa of Looky Touchy for pointing out this gem to me - on NeoGAF, it's the story of how mathrock band Trans Am appeared on the Afterburner: Black Falcon PSP soundtrack, and it's somewhat bizarre - but we'll have to reprint the piece in (more or less) full, since it's borderline genius.

The specific post is passed on from developer Planet Moon's Trevor Grimshaw, who explains in hilarious style: "I was at my friend Jens house to watch Deadwood and I started complaining about what a load of crappy bands we had as potential game music. she says. "why don't you ask my boyfriend, he's in a band". I've never met the guy before and assume she's dating some blowhard doorman or bartender in some lame local rock band. like every other San Fransisco mission hipster. but, to be honest, I didn't know what the whole story on this character is so couldn't say for sure..."

Continuing: "She calls him on the phone and says " my friend Trevor is here, yeah, that one, he needs some music for a game he's working on do you want to talk to him? ok. " she hands me the phone. "so Jen says that you are in the music business or in a band or something" i say. "yeah i guess you could say that" he replies. " well, so, were making this video game with some jets in it, and we want some decent rocking tunes that doesn't sound like nu-metal whiny crap. we need a relatively inexpensive band that's good, but not huge so we can afford it, i don't know, someone sort of hip, but that doesn't totally suck, i mean, someone instrumental, like trans am, i guess , have you ever heard of trans am?"

"yeah" he says. Jen is looking at me with this expression on her face like I'm a huge jerk. I continue. " yeah, someone like trans am, but not trans am because nobody knows who the hell they are, i mean, they're cool but they're totally obscure. I like them, but they basically don't exist as far as mainstream music goes." Jen is now glaring at me. " i mean, besides the metaligensia record store clerks at Aquarius records and some math rock sweater nerds, who's heard of them? nobody. " "what is wrong with you!" she yells and tries to grab the phone from me "give me back the phone" "oh, do you know someone in trans am?" i ask him. "um, yeah" he says. " I'm in Trans Am".""

Payoff: "I accused him of lying, or being some session guitarist or something, or of just joining them. Jen was convinced i was just screwing with everyones head and knew it was him all along. but, no, it turns out he really was in Trans Am and is a cool guy. I stuck by my guns however and argued with Jen that, seriously, aside from a few people, no one has ever heard of them. I even made a bet that absolutely no one in my office will know who they were. I walked into work on Monday. "hey guess who we can get to do our soundtrack!" i exclaimed. " Trans Am!" the Project Lead stared blankly at me. "Who's that?"" Awesome, blossom.