- Always enjoy it when Eurogamer bust out an interview to break up the news and reviews, and there's a neat interview with Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada up there right now, answering some vital questions.

If nothing else, I enjoy the simple statement from Wada about why he created the series: "I wanted to convey the goodness of rural life - not urban life, but rural life - and farming was the easiest instrument to realise that feeling in a game. That's why I chose to make a farming game."

He also muses on the game franchise's success, and just why that might be: "I think it's very gentle and friendly. These days there are other games such as Animal Crossing that bear similarities, but before there wasn't such a game at all. Perhaps that's why people identified so much with Harvest Moon, originally."

Also, looks like Wada might be working on some interesting titles, to say the least. Though he still oversees Harvest Moon from a business point of view: "I'm working on something on the Wii platform, which is top-secret. I'm also working on No More Heroes on the Wii, which is headed up by [killer7 designer] Goichi Suda. It's a totally different world to Harvest Moon..."

So that's two more Wii titles worth at least a glance, then. Actually, while we're on this very subject, why hasn't one single major Western 'name' game designer announced that they're working on a Wii-only game? Am I just blanking on them? Is this because the Wii has been considered a family console, and edgy fare and cutting-edge graphical tech (not very likely on Wii) defines major Western creators better? Very vexing.