- Over at the LiveJournal of 'Bonuspoints', there's a neat/depressing story about evaluating games for publishing which shows the kind of issues with content developed by (possibly foreign) nerds, for nerds that can often dog low-budget games - both in terms of cheesiness and misogyny, unfortunately.

It's explained: "Among the numerous titles we received today was a Crazy Taxi clone. Upon selecting ‘New Game’, we were greeted with the game’s default character: a very large, muscular man wearing a kilt and brandishing a wrench. This was certainly not what we expected to see, and the three of us got a decent chuckle out of it. Stranger still was the next character who appeared to be a female mage complete with revealing ‘robes’ and a metal staff. Again, we laughed.

Sadly, the following two characters (a stereotypical Pakistani cab driver and a prostitute) were nowhere near as entertaining as the first two. Clicking the ‘Next’ arrow brought us back to the default character and thus crushed our hopes for further wackiness. Having made up my mind to vote for the most ridiculously out of place character however, I was quick to inform my coworkers of whom I felt they should select.

Me: “Come on guys, you have to pick the mage!”
Coworkers: “Wait, who? There was a mage?”
Me: “Yeah, the girl with the staff!”
Coworkers: “Ummmm, Nick? That’s not a staff.”

Upon taking a closer look I realized that what she was holding onto was actually a pole. It was at that moment that the rest of the details clicked into place and my error became crystal clear. I had just taken a stripper to be a female spell caster."

Oh dear - let's draw a veil over that whole incident, shall we? There's also another postby the same author discussing and explaining an interesting PC puzzle game called DNA - there's a demo if you click through, looks worth a peek! [EDIT: Apparently, the LJ author doesn't work for 5th Cell, though, as I previously guessed - apologies for confusion.]