- Aha! Good news for all, since the GameTunnel Indie Game Review Panel for April has convened, surveying a world in which "...Sam & Max return for another take on reality, Virtual Villagers find some lost children, and Hard Time lets you play as a criminal...in jail where you belong!"

Top title of the month is Episode 5, 'Reality 2.0' of Sam & Max's Season 1 from Telltale, and new reviewer Caspian Prince (!) explains: "This outrageously polished, funny, intriguing point-and-click adventure is just plain brilliant fun (provided, of course, you enjoy point-and-click adventure games). Actually even if you don't think you do, you'll probably think Sam and Max: Reality 2.0 is just such a laugh and so well executed that you'll want to buy it anyway either for yourself or for your kids."

However, the second-placed game, Wonderland Adventures, is as or more interesting since it's much less well-known, and Russell Carroll explains: "For anyone who loves logic puzzles, like those found in the dungeons of Zelda, Wonderland is your game. The graphics are a vast improvement over previous versions, and though they are still pretty primitive 3D, they don't take away from the fun adventure of the game at all."