- I'm not totally sure this has percolated out into the community, and I know a bunch of GSW readers are in the game biz, so wanted to point out that the Austin Game Developers Conference call for papers closes on Monday, April 30th - this is the successor to the Austin Game Conference which is now run by my colleagues in the CMP Game Group, of course.

The Game Developer/Gamasutra edit team was just doing some brainstorming with the Austin content director Jane Pinckard about our 'blue sky' list of invitees yesterday, and I think the MMO/online game crowd will be excited about a lot of the possibilities there - but we need great submissions too, so if you're in the online, writing, or audio spaces, read below (story passed on from Gamasutra), and make it so - fun 'People's Choice' track idea, too!:

"The event, which will take place September 5-7, 2007 at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas, is the new incarnation of the Austin Game Conference, and abstracts can be put forward at the official Austin GDC submission page.

The topics which a prospective speaker can address must fall within one of the event's established tracks - for MMOs/online games (with four sub-tracks for business and management, community and marketing, design, and technlogy and services), as well as audio for games and writing for games.

In addition, the event will include a new People's Choice track featuring the sessions community members want to see most, and all proposals that do not fit into one of the other three tracks will be offered for voting on the People's Choice voting website. The deadline for submissions is Monday, April 30, 2007.

In addition to these four main tracks, Austin GDC will also feature a Game Career Seminar for students and job-changers researching entry into the game industry, and a Career Fair for experienced game developers seeking new job opportunities.

More information, including session content, speaker guidelines, registration information, and sales opportunities for the conference can be found on the official Austin GDC website."